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Library Online Activities : Friday 20/03/2020

3D Unicorn Craft

We have found one another cute craft for you to make at home during the school closure we represent to you the 3D construction paper unicorns paper toys by Andreja Vucajnk from Easy Peasy and Fun. Let’s get started shall we?

3D Construction Paper Unicorn Craft for Kids. A super fun paper craft idea for kids to make. #papercraftsforkids #craftsforkids #unicorncraftsforkids

Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life and what better way to bring it in, than with glitter and unicorns.

Naturally this one can also be used to make a horse craft, just loose the horn and you have a fun looking stallion.

Ready to make magic happen? Let’s start crafting.

3D Construction Paper Unicorn Craft for Kids

How to Make a 3D Construction Paper Unicorn

What you need

  • our printable 3D Construction Paper Unicorn craft template (you can grab it at the very end of this tutorial)
  • construction paper (letter or a4 size) or heavier print paper. Regular print paper will work too
  • coloring supplies
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter glue for some magic

Watch the Video Tutorial

Follow the Step by Step Tutorial

Print out our template (located at the end of the tutorial). You can print it on regular paper but it’s best if printed on construction or heavier print paper.

Color in the template (skip the hooves).

Use all your favorite colors (this one is a rainbow unicorn).

Add glittery accents with glitter glue if you wish your unicorn to look fancier, but you will have to wait for the glitter glue to dry before moving forward. Glitter sure does add magic to this fairy tale creature.

Cut out all the unicorn parts.

Take the body part and fold the hooves.

Apply glue on the bottom of the hooves…

And stick the unicorn body on the cloud base.

Color in the hooves (hint, hint pink).

Take the paper strip with the unicorn head and apply glue on the area marked with the word glue.

Glue together in a roll.

Apply glue at the bottom of the head, or on the body of the unicorn…

…and stick the head on the body.

Take the colourful mane and glue it on the head.

Next comes the horn. Fold bottom part (along the line) on both horns. Glue the two horns (top parts) together, so it’s colored on both sides.

Apply glue on the bottom part and stick it on the unicorn head.

Fold the ears and stick them on the head

Fold the tale (along the line), apply glue on the back of the tail and glue two tail halves together.

Stick the tail on the body of the unicorn.

You just made some magic! Your 3D Construction Paper Unicorn is all done and waiting for it’s colorful friends to join him or her.

3D Construction Paper Unicorn Craft

Grab the 3D Construction Paper Unicorn craft template here

Click to open the template: Unicorn Craft Template

Happy Crafting!

Original sources : Easy Peasy and Fun, Easy Peasy and Fun Youtube Channel
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