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Welcome to the Shrewsbury Library! This page provides an overview of library resources that are available for parents and carers. If you have any questions about the library or anything on this page, please email the librarian, Mrs. Stephanie Rous, or visit the library before or after school.

Becoming a Member of the Library

Suggest a Book

Overview of Online Resources

Reading Aloud to Your Child

Becoming a Member of the Library

Parents and carers are encouraged to become members of the library. Each family can have two parents and one carer. If you would like your carer to be able to check out books and other library materials, please fill out this form (also available at either of the library’s circulation counters), and ask your carer to bring it to the library before or after school, along with their normal ID badge.  Parents and carers may use the library following these guidelines;

    1. The library open for parents and carers before school from 7.00-7.50am in the morning, and from 2.20-4.00pm in the afternoon. We ask you not to visit during the school day so as not to disturb children using the library during class time.
    1. Parents and carers can borrow up to ten books each, which can be borrowed for two weeks at a time. They may also borrow up to two DVDs, or magazines, which can be borrowed for a week at a time.
    1. All items must be returned to the library by the date stamped in the book or DVD, and any items that are lost will need to be paid for.
  1. Library staff will only check books out to a person that is present in the library. A child cannot borrow books in an adult’s name.

Suggest a Book

The library welcomes your book suggestions. To suggest books, please fill out this form or email the library staff at library@shrewsbury.ac.th. Please note that final purchasing decisions will be made based on the needs of the students, but that parental input is valued.

Overview of Online Resources

Please click here for usernames and passwords for all online library resources. (Requires a Shrewsbury Google account. Please email Ms. Rous if you need any assistance.)

The library offers a range of online resources, many of which are available for parents. If you have questions about how to use any of these resources, please email the librarian, Stephanie Rous, or visit the library before or after school for a demonstration.

Library Catalogue

Destiny Discover: Use the library catalogue to search for books and periodicals in the library’s collection. You can use the catalogue to quickly see if the book you are interested in is available.


The library offers two e-book systems, one for Junior School and one for Senior School.

  • Tumblebooks is geared towards Junior School students, with a sizable collection of pictures books that can be viewed in a browser or on a tablet. If you use the link above, you should not need a username and password. A note for tablet users: The easiest way to access Tumblebooks is from the link on the library website. Once on the page, find the word CHOOSE under the Shrewsbury icon at the top; select MOBILE from the pull-down list.  Now click on one of the brightly colored ovals, find a book or video you like, and click on WATCH ONLINE.
  • Overdrive is geared towards Senior School students, with access to hundreds of contemporary novels, and thousands of classic books offered through Project Gutenberg. All Senior School students should already have a username and password. If your son or daughter does not know their account information, please ask them to stop by the library or email Mrs. Rous.

Online Access to Periodicals

We have online access to the following journals. Please click here for usernames and passwords for all library online  resources.

  • Only one person can log in to each of these at a time, so please log out as soon as you have finished.

Reading Aloud to Your Child

Reading aloud with your children is a great way to share quality family time whilst building their literacy skills and a love of reading.  Here are some quick tips on how to make this a fun activity for everyone.

Time and Place

Reading can be done anywhere, anytime, with any book, but here are a few ideas to make it easier to organize.

  • Make a commitment to read aloud with your child four or more times a week
  • Try setting aside a regular time for reading together, that is separate to school work
  • Turn off the television and computer, and put your phone on silent – try and achieve ten minutes of uninterrupted golden time
  • Cuddle together as you share stories
  • Ten minutes reading a story at bedtime is a great habit that will also help your child to sleep well
  • Get the rest of the family involved – maybe every Sunday morning a grandma or auntie could read a story in a different language, whilst you read English stories at bed time each night

Choosing books

  • Make sure your child gets to choose which book to borrow from the library or buy sometimes
  • Children love the reassurance of repetition, so if they keep asking for the same story read it again
  • If you want your child to be able to speak a language as an adult, read stories to them in that language as a child – getting your undivided attention in this way will mean they see that language as important

How should I read?

All your child wants is to hear your voice – the thing making their storytime special is that it’s you doing the reading!  If you want a few ideas to make your storytelling even more engaging, try some of these;

  • Ask questions about the pictures as you go along – which is your favourite elephant? How many birds can you see? How do you think the monkey feels?
  • Doing “voices” can be difficult, instead try making your voice loud and soft, fast and slow at different parts of the story
  • You don’t have to read exactly what’s on the page! Just read enough to make sense of the story if your child is too tired, or go into more detail if you can see they are really engaged in the book

If you’re looking for some suggestions about books to try or you have any other questions, please contact the library staff at library@shrewsbury.ac.th.

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