Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt : Senior Book Review


“Fish in a tree” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt 📖

Ally is smart at art and maths but struggles with reading and writing, a fact that she has been clever enough tow hide for years until a new teacher, Mr Daniels arrives and recognizes some of her behaviors as dyslexia. This story is about how with patience, perseverance and grit you can overcome difficulties and even have the self confidence to stand up to bullies. As a semi-autobiographical story this is a compelling read which will help all children and their parents to understand and empathize with learning differences. 
This book is available in the senior library at F HUN

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Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin : Junior Book Review


“Starry River of the Sky” by Grace Lin 📖

A wonderful story from a master storyteller of a runaway boy who can hear strange noises in the night and who seems to be the only person who has noticed that the moon is missing from the starry river of the sky. Things take shape when a strange beautiful woman comes to stay at the almost deserted Village of the Clear Sky. Can she help with kidnappings, giant toads and a missing mountain? Her tales and those of our hero are skillfully woven together in this modern retelling of Chinese folklore. 
This book is available at JF LIN

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The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani : Senior Book Review


‘The Night Diary’ by Veera Hiranandani 📖

1947. India has been free from British rule but internal political struggles have resulted in partition. Nisha & her twin brother are half Muslim & half Hindu. Nisha writes nightly in her diary to her dead mother and tells her all the things that she is unable to say as the family is forced to flee and make the treacherous journey to safety. Why do people hate each other so much? Nisha asks as she witnesses violence, starvation and calamity. 

This book is available as an audio book on Overdrive 


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