Online Resources – Senior English

Here are the most helpful resources to support your learning.

Please click here too see usernames and passwords for Library Online  Resources. 

E Magazine

This is a great magazine with short articles about different novels and themes in literature.

World Book Online – for Shakespeare texts

If you need to check anything from a Shakespeare play, World Book Online contains the complete text of all of his plays and sonnets.

Overdrive Ebooks

Our Overdrive site at enables you to download e-books to your own iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet, to read at your own convenience.  To get your own password, please email or stop by the library. This site is especially useful during the school holidays, when the library is closed, and you don’t want to be carrying lots of books around.

One note about Overdrive: Before using the app, you will need to create an Adobe ID. It takes one minute, and allows you to access all of Overdrive’s e-books. You can create an Adobe ID here. If you need help creating an Adobe ID, please stop by the library.

Other Useful Sources

These resources share the same login information. Please click here for usernames and passwords for all online library resources. Please make sure to log out when you are finished–these sites only allow access to one person at a time.

The London Review of Books: This is an excellent source of essays and critical reviews of books. The archive goes back decades and can be and invaluable research tool for 6th Form English and Reading the World essays.

The Times Literary Supplement: Coming Soon! The library just ordered a subscription and we will have online access once the first issue arrives.

The Library

It’s really important for you to read a lot and read widely, so do please come into the physical library to borrow novels, poetry, DVDs and anything else!

Any questions?  Come and talk to us, or email

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