Senior Students – Information about Drugs

There’s a lot of information about illegal drugs available online, and not all of it is accurate.  Here is a selection of websites recommended by Year 8 students, with relevant, trustworthy information for you to look at.  They are in order of popularity, with Talk to Frank the website that most students suggested.   Thank you to Ms Rudd and to all the Year 8 students who spent time picking out these websites for us!

1. Talk To Frank

“They really promote stopping drugs, with games!” – JJ and Jern.

“Ms Rudd says it’s trustworthy.” – Chloe and Karina.

2. Kid’s Health

“This website is relevant to us because it is made especially for Teens, so it makes it easy to understand” – Bambam

“It has many interesting questions that we want to know about.” – Kevin and Prince.

“It looks professional and seems really trustworthy.”  – Keaisha, Irene and Gunjan.

3. Teens.DrugAbuse

“It tells what is inside the drug and it tells examples of drugs.” – Muk, Tammy and Joy.

“All the facts have been separated into different categories, so it is easy to find.” – Great and Win.

4. Childline

“It looks professional and this website is famous in England.” – Amy, Teri and Gam.

5. Teenzeen

“The information is all spelt correctly wth good formatting on the pages, and links you click on to find about the topic you want to know.” – Boong and Nina.

6. Above The Influence

7. Check Yourself

“There’s a clear layout, and it is up-to-date [2011].” – Pop, Kimmy and Oat.

8. Listverse

“It has examples of people who have taken the drugs, the information is useful.” – Yasmin and Sophia.

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