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Why you read books?

We are living in a digital age that really changes people in every aspect of their lives. Television, computer, mobile phone and many more devices that give pleasure are just everywhere. Because of this, people spend less time reading books and forget the importance of it. Technology is good, the use of the internet makes our life easier, but we should not forget the books. Bear in mind that anything written by great thinkers in the past is often available in books. To convince you with this, Reading Adventurers you time group (Year 4 students) compiled video clips of what others have to say about the importance of reading books.

[vimeo 63146839 nolink]


Get your Ebooks at Overdrive – Video 2

The holidays are a great time to make the most of our downloadable ebooks – Senior students and teachers can get these on their devices anytime, anywhere with wifi.  Not sure where to start?  Here’s another great video about Overdrive, made by students in our Book Trailer Youtime…. (NB.  This video uses Flash, so will not play on ipads/iphones).

[vimeo 55065341 nolink]

Are you interested but not sure what to do next?  Ask Ms Crimp for more information, or email library@shrewsbury.ac.th .  Every student has a different username for Overdrive, so get yours today!