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  • Welcome to the Reading the World Blog

    • Dear Year 12 and Year 13 students,

      Welcome to the Reading the World blog!

      The other Reading the World teachers and I hope that you're having an enjoyable summer: getting lots of rest, exploring, and reading lots of books you're interested in.

      We look forward to reading your blog posts and peer comments about Fahrenheit 451(Year 12) and The Great Gatsby between now and the start of school in a few short weeks.

      If you need clarification about the details of your summer reading and blogging work, please see the links labeled YEAR 12 SUMMER WORK and YEAR 13 SUMMER WORK. Please remember that this work is required and failure to complete it will have disciplinary consequences.

      Whether you are registering for the first time, or already have an account, you enter the site by clicking on LOG IN.

      For year 12 students, please check your StudyWiz for details about how to register for the first time. Don't worry if you haven't registered by July 7 -- you can still register now and complete the work.

      A note about Comments: when you are leaving a peer comment on one of your classmates' blog posts, remembering to say something interesting and substantive. Don't simply say "I agree". Ask a question, disagree politely and explain why, make a connection to another part of the book or to something else that you've read or experienced. You're taking part in a conversation -- so say something real!

      If you have any questions, please email me.

      Good luck with your reading and blogging, and enjoy the last month of your vacation!

      Mr. Cheney
      Director, Reading the World Programme

      P.S. As this cover from The New Yorker reminds us, remember to get out and enjoy wherever you are: leave your phone (and your books!) behind and have an adventure! Summer
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