I’m not sure about you guys, but when I read the first few chapters of The Great Gatsby, I couldn’t help but wonder ‘so..Tom cheats on Daisy with Myrtle who is already married and later on Daisy cheats on Tom to have a love affair with Gatsby..what cheaters!’ Yeah..it looked complicated to me, at first.

When I think about it..things could and would have been different if wealth and worldly possessions were not involved in this whole thing. In my opinion, the only reason why Tom is having an affair with Myrtle is for his own amusement and sexual pleasure. If i’m not wrong, the author does not mention anything about these 2 characters having sexual intercourse in the story, but when two people are having an affair and own a private apartment together..what else is there to do, right?

Well, enough of that. On another note, I still do think that Tom’s love for Daisy is genuine. He would never do anything to hurt Daisy physically and treat her aggressively. However, when Myrtle said Daisy’s name out loud repeatedly, Tom got furious and broke Myrtle’s nose. I don’t think he would ever have done that to Daisy. As for Daisy, I’m not sure if her love for Tom was real or she married Tom because she could not wait for Gatsby. Gatsby was the only one who remained loyal to his one true love, however, he used material possessions in order to get Daisy’s attention (by holding huge parties at his house).

So, which is more important; money or love? In Gatsby’s case, he needed money in order to get the attention of his loved one.