I thought this book was emotional but uplifting and it really did have an effect on me. Anna Peterson’s clear and direct style allowed me to see right into her world.

Anna Paterson had a very unhappy and unfortunate childhood. Her mother became addicted to tranquilizers and her father was a weak man. Her grandmother dominated the household with her bullying and abuse. Anna faced years of this abuse from her grandmother. I couldn’t imagine ever being in her shoes. She was force-fed piles of food, and then shouted at for being fat and she was repeatedly told that her parents didn’t love or want her. Her grandmother was awful, convincing Anna that she was worthless and didn’t deserve to live.

Anna then decided to take control over the one thing she could – her diet. She didn’t allow herself to consume more than a few calories a day, and she felt that every bit of weight lost was a personal victory. However, the mirror convinced her that she was fat and her inner voice taunted her. Anna ultimately reached a point where she hit rock bottom. She weighed 66 pounds and she was dying.

Well, I don’t find this story to be a morbid one but instead, an inspirational one. This was the story of a young woman who faced death and triumphed. Anna consulted several health professionals and eventually, she found the strength to fight and a new will to live.

When I look at the life that Anna Peterson once lived, I take a look at myself again and I realise that there is so much more to life than just our physical body. She made me realise that I should be thankful for who I am and what I have and as a Christian, I believe that God made all of us alike in His image.

I found this book a very compelling read. It not only shows the pain of abuse and eating disorders but it also offers real hope for recovery for those are having this eating disorder, and also for those who have a low self esteem and have an issue with body image.