I came across this article, which I thought could relate to the book that I am currently reading (‘Why She Buys’ by Bridget Brennan).

The article outlines a study that was carried out to examine the reactions of both men and women on personal interaction with sales associates. Similarly to the book, the article emphasizes the importance of targeting women in the business.

“Women think of shopping in an inter-personal, human fashion and men treat it as more instrumental. It’s a job to get done.” says Wharton Marketing Professor, Stephen J. Hoch.

Quite true, but I still believe that the quote may not be generalised to all women and men. There are a lot of real men out there nowadays who enjoy shopping and dressing up more than women. (The article was published in 2007, thus the findings could have been outdated.) Anyways, getting to the main point, the article states that shopping is more personal for women, where they care about engagement with the sale associates. However, for men, engagement is still important, but not as important as finding a parking space or getting the product quickly. I, myself, have experienced this directly just yesterday.. Every time I go out with my brother, he would go straight to the video games station and when he’s done, he would immediately start whining, saying that he wants to go home.

“It goes back to gatherers versus hunters. Women are gatherers. Men are hunters. Women walk into a store and scan. Men look for a specific aisle.”

In my case, my brother’s “specific aisle” would be the video games station.. So do all men still act similarly to 13-year-old boys? Hahaha. Maybe not? Well, most women enjoy socialising more than men, we can sit at a table to gossip for hours and never get bored. So I guess it’s normal for us to expect the sale associates to engage us in an interesting (and not annoying) conversation.

“What I found interesting is how women tend to be more focused on people while men act almost as if they are dealing with an ATM machine. In fact, they want to deal with an ATM machine. They really don’t want to deal with a person.”

As for men, I think they’d rather get things done quickly and systematically without wasting time.. However a woman may walk into a mall expecting to buy a some clothes hangers but come out with a brand new dress..