Daisy’s character represents women as the beauty with so little brain. This portrays a negative representation of women as it conveys that women are shallow, they are not being capable of making money on their own and need men to lead their lives when they can actually do more than that. The reason behind that might be that they can use their charms to attract rich men and live happily ever after without having to bother working and that could be argued to be the act of Femme Fatale.
Myrtle’s character also portrays women as not having any dignitiy, as only just a toy for men to play with. Tom didn’t really respect her as a person, he just used her to fulfill his desire. And when he was bored of her, he just ignored her. He did what ever he wanted on her, he even broke her nose. And that I thought was quite unfair because women should be treated with more respect than that even if she was just his mistress, but that might be due to the society in that period of time.