Having read this book; it’s inevitable that I do not compare and contrast today’s society with Montag’s. What I understand from the whole concept of the plot is that people in that period were really sensitive. They got offended so easily from opinions and even facts that literature, the art of liberal expressions could not exist in order to avoid bothering an individual.

Today, books are still being banned but it is nowhere near as effective as there isn’t anyone to dedicate their life, making sure every single copy is in ashes. Some highly insensitive books may be banned but only in certain areas and can be found elsewhere where the book’s threat isn’t targeted towards the population. Perhaps it is due to our improved education systems. People in the book don’t seem to be very educated or literate, hence Montag’s difficulty in reading which makes sense because there would not be any point in knowing how to read if there weren’t any books.

As school is mandatory to most if not all children today, we have learnt to both express our own thoughts, accept other people’s views whether or not we agree or disagree and make our own decisions, independently judging from our own wisdom and knowledge. Montag’s society on the other hand is all about changing and getting rid of whatever that is bothering us. They did not learn to ignore and open their minds. Thus, this is why all books had to be banned. They were not capable at making their own decisions on whether to believe or disbelieve—they were gullible and could be tricked very easily which would result in regular disputes and chaos.