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When reading this novel I believe it is important for us to consider whether the things stated in the book has a place in the modern world we live in. One of the things I would like to place attention on is the Parlor Walls. I believe that the Parlor represents modern day life. The […]

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Baffling Bits and Bobs

First of all, I realize that this is a science fiction novels which regards to a futuristic society in which books are regarded as the source of evil. However, with that in mind I still feel that there are certain areas which the book doesn’t hold together. Many will probably remember the episode when Montag […]

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1920s: The Era of Materialism and Consumption.

In the traditional culture of US in 1920s, rich people who have an enormous amount of money to spent were seen as a god, while the poors were left behind. Popularity of any members of the society were determined by the amount of money one have to spend on alcohol and fancy clothes. Since it […]

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When A Painting Expresses Words

    ” …West Egg, especially still figures in my more fantastic dreams. I see it as a night scene by El Greco: a hundred houses, at once conventional and grotesque, crouching under a sullen,overhanging sky and a lustreless moon. In the foreground four solemn men in dress suits are walking along the sidewalk with […]

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The Discrimination and Prejudice of America in The Roaring Twenties

The Great Gatsby, written by F.Scott Fitzgerald, a famous American, is an exemplary novel of the Jazz Age in 1920s when there were a time of much discrimination and prejudice against blacks and immigrants . Fitzgerald has well presented a realistic picture of the society in America during the Roaring Twenties. All of these were […]

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