In my opinion, books are a positive thing because they provide us with knowledge and information. Books are the vehicle allowing us to succeed in school and life. In Fahrenheit 451, the government sees books as a threat to the human race as it oppresses the people living in it. Bradbury illustrated a very dull world in his novel, he shows the reader that books are actually a bad thing as they have a negative impact on Guy (Guy’s marriage and life is put in a threatening situation because of books as a whole).

However, I am still sticking with my opinion on the positive impact books have on people, books help us in life as it boosts our creativity and it allows us to use our imagination, books are like the realm of freedom to the human mind. Therefore I strongly disagree with the governments way of protecting (or brainwashing) its people. Censorship is a good thing in some circumstances but in the novel it is taken into a whole new level. I kind of understand what the government is trying to do by banning books to prevent conflict and unusual ideas that could potentially cause uproar.