Clarisse McClellan is a girl that meet with Guy Montage randomly on the pavement and come to know each other as being neighbor. To me I think that Clarisse McClellan is one of the most important character in the story as her view point is different from other people in the society. This leading to her talking to Montag and start to make him doubt the knowledge that he posses currently and the way he think of the book. This trigger the beginning of Guy Montag story because after talking to her he seem to want to find out lots of different things such as reading the book as he had never read it before even though his job is the closet as it could be to the book. Guy Montag find Clarisse McClellan an interesting, odd one as she always question thing that require you him to thinking outside the box and doubt the knowledge that he is currently have. Every times Clarisse McClellan appear in the scene  she lead the conversation that she have with Montag in a way that Montag never think about before and surprise him by the extra knowledge that he doesn’t even know such as “Did you know that once billboards were only twenty feet long?”