I wonder what is the meaning behind the title ‘Farenheit 451’ and research it. I found out that the title is an approximate temperature that the paper will start to burn or autoignition and I think that it fits for the title of the book as the story surrounded around the main character that is a fireman whose burn books without knowing why.

The author uses lots of words that is relate to fire and burning and even have a salamander on the costume of the fireman and 451 on the kerosene container to shows that the fireman in the book use fire instead of extinguish it as in ancient time salamander is a creature that have been mention alongside fire as it is belief that salamander is born from fire. As the start of the story ‘It was a pleasure to burn’ indicate that the fireman are enjoy burning the book or at least set the fire and throughout the story the view of Montag seeing fire change from heat of ignition to the warmth of fire that can be provide after abandon his job. To me this give the view of when he was a fireman that believe in the society and the view after knowing the value that each book hold.