Was a fireman, Montag’s dream job? I think that Montag was a fireman because of the influence by his family and that in that period of time, firemen was a dream job to everyone. “Kerosene” “is nothing but perfume tome” implies to how Montag looks up to this job because his father and grandfather were a firemen as well, so he felt a little bit honor and proud of his job. And also implies to how he is used to his job that’s why the smell of the kerosene wasn’t effecting his sense of smell.

Another part where Montage was described to be enjoying his job is right at the beginning of the novel. “It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed” He seems to have the spirit of anger and hate (venomous) towards books, but he might be forced to think and believe in this way by the influences of the current time.

So deeply, he might not really want to be a fireman.

Followed by my last blog, at the end he started to realise that firemen wasn’t his thing, and choose “books” instead of his job even though he knows it’s against the law.

Nan 12DA