Derek has been nicknamed ‘ worm man’ because of his eccentric ability to regenerate lost body tissue. If his hand is chopped off , a new one had healed and regrown within 30 days. For some reasons, his body started to deteriorate , to save his life, they had to transplant his brain into a new body. Unfortunately, the brain was split in half during operation .They placed his brain into 2 bodies. As a result, the 2 Dereks contradict each other to whether who is the real Derek.

The matter of dispute here is which one’s the real Derek. If one died will the other automatically declared to be the real one ? Meanwhile, Derek can’t be both alive and dead or perhaps none of them is Derek. Baggini believes that it’s not the most correct question to ask about identity ,but instead, about succession or continuation. Even though, they have the same habit or enjoy the same meal but they will inevitably fall into their own paths of life. It’s not like they are going to forever possess the same thought and same personality.In my opinion, over time, individual experience will finally detach them from being the old Derek. It is almost impossible to desert their ordinary selves and memories but once adaptation and acceptance are in place there would no longer be a question concerning which one inherit most Derek’s soul .