“Weird (not normal) means that you’ve made a choice, that you’ve stood up for what you believe in and done what you want, not what the marketer wants.  More and more, that’s precisely what’s happening.”  this phrase came from the book by Seth Godin called we are all weird.

Being weird is not a bad thing because we are able to choose what we really want without following someone else. As people like to follow others the marketers see the opportunity to make a story and make one of us buy the product then as nowadays there are social media like Facebook this can be done easier. There are a social media which makes it easier for the marketer to marketing the product, but there is one reason why people becoming weirder, that is because more people are becoming richer. As people are rich they can make their own choice, unlike normal people who cannot choose but need to demand on the product that they have power to demand on it.

This focus on how marketing nowadays should focus on. I my opinion I think that in these days the marketer should focus on the niche (small specific) market rather than Mass (whole) market because as we can see that when people have more choice it is easier to target specific one rather than all of them.