According to what Seth Gordin the writer of we are all weird he said that we are all move towarding changes from normal into weird because of the four forces.

Force one: Creation is amplified. Nowadays, the technologies are better and better everyday. The world is moving fast , therefore, people can publish ideas in any places at anytime by using a social network and technology.

Force two: Rich allows us to do what we want and we want to be weird.  In this case Seth Godin does not mean rich as a wealthy people but instead it means the person who have the amount of money that they can make a choice without considering about survival first.

Force three: Marketing is far more efficient at reaching the weird. Seth Godin said that marketers are trying to reach to the weird so that they can gain more money by offering them the things that they are obsess about.

Force four: Tribes are better connected. The people that obsess about the same thing are no longer alone because people can now connect together by the internet. Therefore, they can find the others who obsess the same thing as them and join together with those people as a group.

Overall, it can be sum up by using Seth Godin’s own phrase “If you cater to the normal, you will disappoint the weird. And as the world gets weirder, that’s a dumb strategy.”