After reading the book I realised that Montag at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book are like two completely opposite characters. He evolved into another person. In the begining of the book he likes to his jobs and  his determinations are sky high when it comes to burning books. He started changing after he met Clarisse McClellan when he started questioning his job and the society. Moreover, another main reason he changed is that he secretly started reading books and that changed his ideal since he started to think more on why he did it. In addition, the case that the lady that burned herself Towards the end of the book, Montag seems to have a different bone in his body since he killed one of his fellow fireman. Montag in the beginning of the book absoulutely no way would’ve done something like that to another fireman but he changed and was be able to pull it off. I think the way we saw Montag’s character development was quite sudden and fast. In my opinion, the way Montag changed is in a positive why because I don’t think the way the fireman burn books are the right thing to do.

Ken 12JE