In Fahrenheit 451 books are banned and most people does not take it much into consideration and instead take interests into other forms of media. In my opinion, books provide more imagination which surprised me that people in the book all ignores them and only take interest in televisions and other forms of media which only provide people with “ready” information. In the real world people usually questions things that’re suspicious but in the book only a few is like Clarisse, which in the real world should be a majority of people. The other thing I find interesting is the fact that most people in the book are like zombies and they’re ignorant because they agree to whatever the government tells them to do and agree with them on what they told them like thinking that books are bad and should be banned. This is the part of the book in which I find the book unrealistic and inaccurate since people in real world and in the book are completely different.

Ken 12JE