In the chapter ‘O Americano, Outra Vez!’, Feynman talks about his visits to Brazil, and the course he taught at an engineering school there; although this topic is more about education than actual science, it is still something I found interesting from the book. He eventually discovered several flaws in the education system. For example, students would memorize what they had learnt in lectures in order to pass exams, but did not know how to use them in real life situations. Another problem was that students never asked questions because they were afraid of other people looking down on them and complaining about time being wasted.

Even though Feynman was describing science education in Brazil, I think that these problems can be seen in educational systems all around the world more or less. The large emphasis on tests as a measure of intelligence and for getting into college means that students might learn something for an exam without necessarily understanding it. This is very different from how Feynman learnt; he would make his own theorems and proofs, and could never leave a puzzle or problem unsolved.