By reading Fahrenheit I suddenly realised the importance of books since I got to read about a world without them. Without books people are limited to their thinking and acts as a control by the government. I think people should be allowed to access information and they could judge by themselves what’s right and wrong not just ban the books. It restricts the freedom of speech making people clueless on what’s been hiding from them.The government can more easily controlled and not many people may rebel the government or even realising what they’re doing. An example of a person controlled by the government is Montag’s wife since she only likes to watch TV and only wanted to receive information only not by thinking but just being feed of the television. Books are a source of knowledge a way writers communicate and pass on their thoughts, ideas and experience to the readers and by banning books the negatives outweighs the benefits so in my opinion, Montag did the right thing to rebel against the law.

Ken 12JE