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The Origins of Virtue

The overview of the book touches upon the concept of “Altruism”. Whether one does something for the greater good as an exchange for something in return or not. In the first chapter, the book describes a prison break of a Prince, Prince Peter Kropotkin. The author narrates that Kropotkin influenced by anarchism joined  a banned […]

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Nick Carraway as the narrator

After reading the book, I can’t help but think that the one true character that is actually “wealthy” as in well rounded is Nick Carraway himself. Nick’s description of himself as someone who descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch, born in the bond business and someone who studied at Yale. It seems that he had […]

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Significance of the green light?

I think the green light on Daisy’s dock symbolizes a path or a glowing beacon of hope for Gatsby. Because in chapter 1 Nick Carraway narrates he saw Gatsby reach towards it. To me the green light represents wealth like money and the light as something to lead him towards his goal. Also, throughout the […]

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Gatsby’s grief, time and looking’s back into the past?

Throughout the novel, the character Gatsby reflects the past and tries to recaptures something that was lost.  He is obsessed about rekindling his love for Daisy and what they had when they were young. Gatsby is stuck not being able to change the past and stuck not being able to move forward because of it. […]

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