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The different of the education in the story

As we all know that in the story all books are being banned so what effect does the society take from it? The education method change significantly as there are no teaching materials allow they can only listen in class which causes them to lack the ability to thinking outside the box. “An hour of […]

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The significant of Clarisse McClellan

Clarisse McClellan is a girl that meet with Guy Montage randomly on the pavement and come to know each other as being neighbor. To me I think that Clarisse McClellan is one of the most important character in the story as her view point is different from other people in the society. This leading to […]

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The Title ‘Farenheit 451’

I wonder what is the meaning behind the title ‘Farenheit 451’ and research it. I found out that the title is an approximate temperature that the paper will start to burn or autoignition and I think that it fits for the title of the book as the story surrounded around the main character that is […]

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