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The Woman and her Books

What is Bradbury’s intention of portraying this woman? Clearly, this scene has a huge impact on the theme of this book. In my opinion, I would say this is the climax because not only does it show reflections of an individual in that society but also triggers Montag into thinking his career over. For years, […]

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Education’s Association with Society

Having read this book; it’s inevitable that I do not compare and contrast today’s society with Montag’s. What I understand from the whole concept of the plot is that people in that period were really sensitive. They got offended so easily from opinions and even facts that literature, the art of liberal expressions could not […]

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In the period of this book, the majority of the people lived in consumerism. They were addicted to television and highly ignorant, perhaps to the lack of books. Unlike today, books were not abundant back then because they had to be exterminated. This issue was so serious that they had to have ‘firemen’ burning books […]

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