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The importance of Books

By reading Fahrenheit I suddenly realised the importance of books since I got to read about a world without them. Without books people are limited to their thinking and acts as a control by the government. I think people should be allowed to access information and they could judge by themselves what’s right and wrong […]

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People in Fahrenheit 451

In Fahrenheit 451 books are banned and most people does not take it much into consideration and instead take interests into other forms of media. In my opinion, books provide more imagination which surprised me that people in the book all ignores them and only take interest in televisions and other forms of media which […]

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How Montag developed througout the book

After reading the book I realised that Montag at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book are like two completely opposite characters. He evolved into another person. In the begining of the book he likes to his jobs and  his determinations are sky high when it comes to burning books. […]

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Montag as a fireman

Was a fireman, Montag’s dream job? I think that Montag was a fireman because of the influence by his family and that in that period of time, firemen was a dream job to everyone. “Kerosene” “is nothing but perfume tome” implies to how Montag looks up to this job because his father and grandfather were […]

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Questioning himself

“Of course I’m happy” From this quote, I started to realised that Montag, the main character in this book started to questioning himself about his life. At that moment the character started to feel unsure about his life, where he always think that it’s full of perfection and that he’s happy on what he’s doing […]

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Respect for Bradbury

Despite the peculiar plot of the story, I have to admit that Bradbury is so clever to be able to think of such an incredible story. Firemen setting fire instead of putting them out, who would have thought of that! Instead of firemen being the hero, Bradbury turns them into villains. A fireman in the […]

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Ultimate life goal: Happiness

I figured that the reason firemen do what they do is to make people “happy”. Yes, everyone wants to be happy, it’s the ultimate life goal of all human beings. However, the system within the future world of Farenheit451 just doesn’t work. Books about lung cancer making smokers feel bad? Why not just simply get […]

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Being a Human

While reading the book, I feel sorry for the people who don’t get a chance to think on their own because there is absolutely nothing to think about. People who don’t think are doing the “right thing” but the people who do, on the other hand, gets eliminated, Clarrisse for example. Who says happiness comes […]

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