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Reflection – Article

I also read ‘A Child Called “It” ‘ before when I was in year 9 or 10.  I think it was the first time I ever just picked a book up because of it’s title and actually finished reading it.  The story is very interesting but sometimes, I just had to put the book down and calm down a bit.  The things that Dave Pelzer’s mother does to him are just too harsh that some people stop reading the book.


Child abuse can be very difficult to move on from.  Sometimes people end their lives because they can’t live with the memories of it.  I read an article about an interview with Dave Pelzer himself.  The title is: Dave Pelzer: ‘You don’t get over it, just accept it’.  In this article, it shows all the different perspectives and thoughts of different people about ‘a child called it’.  People are suspicious because he is too fine right now to say that he has been through harsh child abuse.  Now he says he helps people overcome trauma.


This connects directly to the book because it is kind of about the author but also the book.  It talks about the author’s thoughts about what other people say.  This article interested me because this book will never be forgotten in the future; I can’t really explain why I can’t forget this book… maybe it’s because it’s kind of hard to accept that it is a true story.  This article explained some parts that I always questioned about while reading the book.

The significance of the mechanical hound

Mechanical Hound was introduced early in the novel. It emphasized a high level of technology so that the reader will have an idea about how far the story is from present. It is also ironic because they used robotics equipment in which its design resemble animals in the society that people are scared of animals. It may just be a robot ,but it could do things that the regular hound can such as barking and threatening humans. It also has green eyes which can recognize over 1000 people by using information from the databases. It also equipped with some tranquillizer darts to be able to neutralized threats. This shows that it is more useful than a regular hound that the police in the future replaced the regular hound with it.

The mechanical hound is first seen in the story in the fire house. It seems to dislike Montag “Montag touched the muzzle, the hound growled, Montag jumped back.” “It doesn’t like me”. Then later it goes near Montag’s house.  The first time we read this most people will think that it is part of the security system at that time. However, later it is revealed that the hound was sent by Beatty to watch over Montag and as a hint from him. This is one of the huge plot twists in the story because we wouldn’t think that it will be one of the protagonist obstacles in the climax of the story.  At last it purposes was to stop Montag from escaping, unfortunately it failed.

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Gatsby’s End

When Jay Gatsby took the blame for killing Myrtle Wilson, he had no idea that he had put himself in for a very tragic end. His arrogance and money may have led him to believe that he was powerful enough to be above the law. Although this could be the case (the same way he was allowed to speed because of his relationship with the commissioner), it still came as a shock to me when George Wilson murders Gatsby.

This book leaves several important life lessons in my mind. It emphasizes the importance of moving on and letting go of the past, no matter how strong the attachment is. It also shows how dwelling in the past only creates negative impact on oneself and the people around you.

Jay Gatsby created a luxurious lifestyle solely on the hopes of winning back Daisy Buchanan, a former love. Though it may seem like everyone that attends his lavish parties loves him, the entire crowd vanished after his death. It is then apparent that no one truly cared about him; not Meyer Wolfsheim, not Daisy, no one at all, except Nick. This shows how money can buy temporary happiness and fake friends, and still leave someone with nothing.


Dream People

What is real? One of the most interesting ideas I have come across is that through scientific method, there is no way to prove everything is real. We assume it is, for experiments to mean anything. But we cannot prove it.

Maybe everything is real, or maybe I’m simply imaging all of you. I’m imagining somebody reading this, I imagine that there is a school and that I am writing these words. Maybe it’s a dream. I can’t prove any of this is real because it is my dream. My own brain could easily trick me. Likewise, none of you can prove I’m not dreaming. You could try, but there is no way for you to prove you’re real. I can’t ever know you’re thinking, you’re probably just a counter argument my own brain created to trick me into thinking everything is real. Damn you dream people.

This can’t be disproved scientifically, despite it seeming absurd. We assume everything is real and how we perceive it is accurate. We can’t prove otherwise, which sort of makes everything a little bit redundant, don’t you think?

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