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Perdido Street Station – Infections

In the novel ‘Perdido Street Station’, the release of the lethal slake-moths reflects the major problem the outbreak of certain viruses. We see ‘outbreak of new virus’ in the headlines every now and then, and people start to panic, especially when the media announces that hundreds of people were killed by this devastating virus. This […]

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Perdido Street Station – The Inhabitants

The most interesting part of the novel is the variety of species that exist in this strange city. The different species are startling to think about, such as the humanoid cacti, the Kehpri (half-woman half-beetle organisms), or the garuda. While I was reading this book, I was convinced that the author was crazy. Seriously, who […]

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Perdido Street Station – The City of Darkness and Filth

For my independent reading project, I chose the novel ‘Perdido Street Station’. It was certainly an interesting read.However,so much is going on in the novel that reading it required constant concentration and efforts to understand what the author is actually trying to portray. Sometimes, the extensive and rambling descriptions of the squalid city of New […]

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