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The Brain Drain

A brain drain is an informal name given to a concept that, in a situation of at least a partially free labour movement, the most intellectual and prosperous individuals in society are likely to emigrate. The situation that arises is highly miserable, government financing for education seems to help progress the countries surrounding it and, […]

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Agglomerations and the Journey to Development

‘The Bottom Billion’ by Paul Collier is a very interesting read. Having chosen it as the first book I was going to read this summer, I’ve decided to focus on my three blog posts around it. The reason being that it is most probable that I have forgotten more of this book, than any of […]

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The Curse of Natural Resources

Paul Collier’s ‘The Bottom Billion’ was one of my chosen summer books and an interesting, and thought changing view of natural resources caught my attention. Labelled as ‘The Natural Resource Trap’ chapter 6 of ‘The Bottom Billion’ describes how resources can act as a trap for developing countries trying to escape poverty. A country with […]

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