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The Moral Dilemmas in ‘Shooting An Elephant’ – Summary

The Must The killing is morally wrong because the elephant was experiencing the “must,” a period of high aggression and sexual activity in an elephant’s life.  Therefore, the elephant should not have been punished as its actions were the result of biological programming rather than malicious intent. Pain The killing of the elephant was morally […]

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Context of Shooting An Elephant (How do time, era, culture, society change people’s behaviour?)

During the time mentioned in the story,imperialism is widely common in the society of Myanmar,so this might be the reason for Orwell that he was pressured by hatred of those natives according to his nationality , which is British, and it leads to his decision of killing an elephant.Moreover,the other reason that could possibly lead […]

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Perspective (in Shooting an Elephant), Consider the passage from other character viewpoints- Why did locals act in that way.

First viewpoint -The locals wanted a spectacle, out in the countryside there isn’t much to entertain them. “Their faces were all happy and excited about this bit of fun” -The villagers are angry because elephant destroy the village and kill an India guy. “I round the hut and saw a man dead sprawling in the […]

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Reflection, Why has Orwell (and in what way) changed his opinion, compared to when he was there?

Orwell’s perspective: At the time Orwell would have hesitated and thought that it was the wrong thing to do. Older offices perspective: He could have thought that it was the right thing to do by fufilling his duty protecting the villagers. Orwell thinks that the Burmese people appointed by the British only pretended to be […]

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