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In the novel, Gatsby was introduced rather late as he does not appear to be speaking until chapter 3. Fitzgerald, the author of this book presents Gatsby as secretive and enigmatic man who throws parties every week at his mansion, a man with power and status. He appears to be a kind of celebrity who […]

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Gatsby’s End

When Jay Gatsby took the blame for killing Myrtle Wilson, he had no idea that he had put himself in for a very tragic end. His arrogance and money may have led him to believe that he was powerful enough to be above the law. Although this could be the case (the same way he […]

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The Roaring Twenties!

It should never be forgotten that the novel was written in the 1920s, ‘The age of wonderful nonsense’. All I can hear throughout the book was jazz music and people’s cheers.  To me, one of the most charming features of the novel is the atmosphere and the feel of the twenties. This is because I […]

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Daisy Buchanan

The feeling directly after I read The Great Gatsby? The tingle sense on my right hand telling me to give Daisy a big nice slap. Anyone with the same feeling? Daisy Buchanan, an aristocratic young lady in the 1920s, demonstrates the nature of human’s capriciousness and carelessness, especially notable in chapter 7 when Daisy chooses […]

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