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Problems caused by technology

In the story, it is clear that electronic devices become an important factor that effect people’s lives, for example Mildred’s obsession with television to avoid confronting her life caused a huge gap between her and Montag, her husband. Moreover her attempt to commit suicide reveals that she’s in great pain in her life. These show […]

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How Ray Bradbury make Fahrenheit 451 succuesful

Fahrenheit 451 is a successful book written by Ray Bradbury which  has won the 2007 pulitzer prize special citation and get to have 50th anniversary edition. There are so many reasons that make Fahrenheit 451 utterly phenomenal as Bradbury used the  experience he gained from the past fifty years of writing 500 short stories, novels, […]

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The right kind of mistakes

Near the end of the novel, Granger tells Montag about the phoenix, a bird that is reborn out of it’s own ashes. He likens it to human history and how we repeat our mistakes again and again each time. But the difference between the phoenix and humanity is that we have the ability to remember […]

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Sympathy for Montag

When Montag questions Mildred about the first time they ever met, she was unable to recall the moment and laughed, showing how little emotional attachment she has with her own husband. Mildred showed no signs of worry or sadness despite being unable to remember something which is considered a special moment for couples, even stating […]

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The Montags

I’m quite surprised on how Guy and Mildred have managed to live together, when they both don’t agree on anything, and especially when they don’t seem to love each other. I think there are issues in this family. Mildred often tries to suicide by taking too many pills, but is always failing. Her memories are […]

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