Over the summer, you will be doing a collection of readings in preparation for the beginning of Year 12.

For each of the assignments. you need to write three (3) blog posts of at least 200 words and post them to the Reading the World blog.  You must also comment on at least three (3) of your classmate’s blog posts.

  1. Fahrenheit 451
    “It was a pleasure to burn.” So begins Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, a classic American novel of a distopian future of conformity where firemen burn books.As you read, you should evaluate and prepare to discuss and explore at length the following thinking problem:“Are books dangerous?”

    You need to read the novel carefully, annotating the text  with your own thoughts and reactions. Remember to look up words that you don’t understand, and write down in the back of the book questions that you’d like to share with the class.

    The first week back, your Reading the World teacher will be collecting your books to review your notes.

    At the start of Term 1, you should expect to engage in student-led Harkness discussion of Fahrenheit 451.

    Blog Requirement: three (3) posts demonstrating a critical, personal response to Fahrenheit 451 on any relevant topic; three (3) respectful, critical responses to your classmates’ blog posts. Tags: Year 12, Fahrenheit 451.

  2. Extra Credit: A-Level Recommended ReadingOver the summer, you should might consider beginning to read at least one (1) book on the Recommended Reading list prepared by your A-Level teachers. During Year 12, you will have another opportunity to choose and read one of these texts, but if you’re keen to practice independent reading skills and deepen your knowledge in your chosen A-level subjects, we encourage you to use your summer to read widely.Choose texts that will:        + Deepen &/or widen your understanding of your A-level subject
    + Challenge your previous assumptions
    + Provoke new thought
    + Prepare you to write and speak intelligently about your interests
    + Provide material for personal statements, essays, and interviews

    Blog Requirement: optional