One might suggest cold is subjective. Well, today, in any ones terms, it was freezing. If you were a polar bear you might be feeling mildly cold, if you were fresh from Bangkok, need I say more. This is not to say the young team of Shrewsbury skiers moaned, they attacked the slopes with gusto. The moaning about cold toes was left to those staff who were slightly longer in the tooth and a little more prone to feeling the nip of Jack Frost. A full nights sleep helped, and a breakfast of porridge and some classic Swiss cheese and bread. The speed of the new skiers has been upped and the turns are a little tighter. Yes, there were some falls, but the fresh snow cushioned these blips and the steep learning curve continues. With four full days of skiing and snowboarding to come we have great hopes for the final race day. All the best from Verbier for now and, for those reading this from Bangkok, enjoy the warmth!