Les Elfes Clothing Check list:Clothing Letter

SHB recommend you bring these items with you:



Socks: wool & synthetic are warmer than cotton
Long johns/tights/
light weight fleece leggings:
inside layer for skiing worn under a wind-waterproof outside layer
Nylon, Gortex or light weight wind pants: outside layer for skiing and playing
Trousers or jeans: regular trousers for evening wear
Swimming costume or shorts and towel:
Shirts: Long sleeve – for skiing
Long sleeve shirt: for after skiing
Sweaters: warm sweater, wool or fleece
light weight sweater
T – Shirts: fleece/wool/down T – Shirts make great additional layers
Hats: wool or fleece (2 might be a good idea as these items can be easily misplaced)
Gloves or Mitts: a good pair of mittens/gloves( waterproof )
Coat: Gortex, Nylon wind shell, or light weight raincoat outside layer for skiing
Small day pack for carrying water bottle & snack while skiing, can be shared