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Verbier 2013 – Day 4

Today we were treated to some classic temperature inversion. Thick, dense cloud in the valley, then as we rose higher on the incredibly efficient lift system we suddenly popped through the clouds and into bright blue alpine skies. All of the groups, even the beginners who started skiing only 3 days ago, are now able […]

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Verbier 2013 – Day 3

In 1972, Jimmy Cliff wrote a song entitled ‘I can see clearly now’. Jimmy could see because the rain had gone, on Feb 12th 2013 SHB ski trip could see once the white out lifted. Parents please don’t worry, because once the clouds lifted we had a bright bright sunshiney day! What we are trying […]

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Verbier 2013 – Day 2

One might suggest cold is subjective. Well, today, in any ones terms, it was freezing. If you were a polar bear you might be feeling mildly cold, if you were fresh from Bangkok, need I say more. This is not to say the young team of Shrewsbury skiers moaned, they attacked the slopes with gusto. […]

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