Dear Parents and Swimmers

Thank you for your continual support of the swimming program, each block additional swimmers join the program making it one of the largest You Time activities within the school.

Below you will find the timetable for block 4 and the You Time class progressions, there will be no swimming on Tuesdays – this is to allow the swimming coaches an opportunity to complete the American Swimming Coaches Association qualifications. We are extremely proud of our swim coaches and over the remainder of this year and the following school year they will be undertaking a number of professional development opportunities that will be of huge benefit to our swim team.

In addition to this fabulous opportunity we are trialing a new focus to the team – the Junior Swim Team (Stage 8 and above) will train together as a team 2.40 – 3.30pm, with the seniors training together 3.30 – 4.30pm. Gold Squad and Black Squad our invitation only squads will continue to train 2.40 – 4pm and 2.40 – 4.30pm respectively, with all sessions concluding at 4.15pm on Fridays. We hope this adaption to the current program will continue to build upon the great team spirit within the team.

The You-Time window opens on Monday 9th April where it will be possible to adjust the day you have previously selected through the portal, for new swimmers wishing to join the program, they should select Starfish Stage 2 where they will be assessed and can progress to the correct stage for their ability. Block 4 Swimming begins Monday April 30th – end of term 3.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our swimmers attending the Thailand Open Swimming Championships the very best of luck, we look forward to hearing all about your experiences after the Songkran break. To all other members of our team I wish you all an exciting and safe holiday.

Best Wishes

Mrs Gill