Why iPads?

 January 16, 2013  admin

Over the last 12 months we have trialled both Apple iPad and Android tablet devices in both Junior and Senior School. During this trial period, we have found the iPad device to be more beneficial to learning in terms of apps available, continuity for Junior School, and our ability to provide support to both staff and students.

Educational apps

Currently, iPads remain the most popular platform for tablets in schools by some distance. As a result of this, App developers in the ‘education sector’ tend to focus on developing for iPad rather than Android. A number of educational apps that we know enhance teaching and learning are only available on iPads – we are yet to come across a useful educational app that is Android only.

Some of these apps include:

  • Popplet
  • KeyNote
  • iMovie
  • ShowMe
  • Book CreatorApple have a division solely devoted to supporting teaching and learning. A section of their App Store is also devoted only to education showing a commitment


    At Shrewsbury, we have been building up our Junior School iPad programme for a few years now. Our Junior School students are confident and competent in operating the devices, and using a good number of educational apps on them.

    Rather than possibly starting over again with a new platform or device in Senior School, we feel that it is more beneficial for them to remain on the same platform and allow them to focus their energies on other areas of managing the transition from Junior School to Senior School.


    With all students using the same device, it helps teachers to ensure a consistent experience in lessons. Training for teachers is more hands on, direct and relevant and this feeds down to the quality of the student experience in the classroom.

    The layout and functionality of some ‘cross-platform apps are different depending on what device you are using them on. This can make demonstrations and in-class troubleshooting more difficult for subject teachers.

    With all students on the same platform, a teacher can be certain of what apps students have in their technology toolbox, and what exactly can and cannot be done with their devices.


    From a technical and administrative point of view, our experiences with school iPad devices in recent years means that we are now very knowledgable about how to setup, fix and troubleshoot problems on iPads. The Android platform runs on many different devices made by a wide range of manufacturers making it considerably more difficult to support effectively.


    The price of Apple devices has dropped notably in the the last 18 months, with the price of an iPad mini device now costing 9,900 bht. Prices are now comparable with mid-range Android devices.

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