Dear Parents,

Can you believe we’re already another term down in Year 1 – where does all the time go?! As the saying goes – ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ – and we’re having all of the fun!

“So how have you spent the final week of term in Year 1?” I hear you ask…

In Maths we’ve been working fractionally harder than usual, trying to solve fraction word problems. (Yes, that was a fraction joke – it was only half as funny as my usual jokes). We used various different resources to support our understanding of fractions – it was tricky, but not too tricky for us!

In Literacy we have been trying to improve the words we use in our writing, where we put our capital letters and how to use plurals. There was a lot to cover in a short week, but as usual, Year 1 were up to the job!

In Topic we learnt about the Christian festival of Easter and what it means to be a Christian at this time of year – very interesting stuff!

We had a lovely time celebrating Songkran on Wednesday where we all dressed up, had delicious food and took part in the palm watering ceremony.

Thursday brought ‘Monster Day’ to Year 1 where the children took part in lots of monster related activities and moved around in their house teams – it was brilliant fun!

That’s all folks – have a fantastic break and a wonderful Songkran. See you all back here for more hard work and fun on Tuesday 25th April!

The Year One Team