What a busy week we have had in Year 1!

The children have been using their imaginations to think about what Beegu’s home might look like. They had so many brilliant ideas and were very creative when drawing pictures of Beegu’s home. We have been writing setting descriptions about what Beegu’s home is like, making sure we think about what we can see, hear, feel and find. Ask us about some of our descriptive sentences, they are very impressive!  The children are much more confident with using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. We are really trying to use connectives and descriptive vocabulary to make our sentences longer and more interesting.

We have also been using our drawings of Beegu’s home to inspire us to make Dioramas! The shoeboxes been put to use and we are making Beegu’s home inside. They are looking very exciting! The children are really enjoying using all sorts of different materials to create their dioramas.

In Maths, the children are still practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. They are getting much more confident with this now. Any extra practise you can do at home would be appreciated! The children have started learning about sharing equally. They have been using a range of concrete materials to practise sharing equally and are using the new vocabulary with increasing confidence.

The children have been learning how to use more tools in DT this week. Now, they know how to use sand paper, hammers, hand drills and a vice! Soon, they will be putting all of their new found knowledge to the test by designing and making their own spaceships!

In Science, the children are developing their learning about materials. This week, the children learned how to compare and group everyday materials, using scientific vocabulary such as absorbent, opaque, transparent and waterproof.

In History the children are learning about Christopher Columbus. This week, we chose important pictures to tell the story of his life and put them in the correct order. Next week, we will be learning about a new explorer!

Just a reminder that Monday 25th March from 2.45 – 4pm is the Charity Fair. The Year 1 teacher’s will be running a stall, please come along and show your support!

Please remember to hand in your medical and consent form for our trip to KidZania as soon as possible!

Have a great weekend,

The Year 1 Team