It’s been another fun filled and busy week in Year 1! We went to 7 Eleven which was a huge success. The children loved having their own money to spend and they did a fantastic job of adding the different amounts together and working out what they could buy. This was such a valuable experience for the children as they put all of their Maths learning into practise in a real life situation. We are so proud of how sensible and mature all of the children were when choosing and paying for their snacks. They even asked for no plastic bags and used their backpacks instead!

We have been busily practising our dances for the Fairy Tale Ball all week and can’t wait to perform to you next Thursday! We have also been making crowns using ribbon and gems as part of our Design and Technology learning.

In Literacy we have been changing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to include some of our own, creative ideas. The children have designed a new front cover for the story and have written a blurb for their new versions of the story.

In Maths the children have been continuing their learning on position and direction. They have been working together to solve a variety of problems and have made good progress in being resilient and improving their collaboration skills. We started learning about capacity and volume this week and the children solved a range of problems, using the correct mathematical vocabulary to help them.

The children visited their new Year 2 classes today. They had a wonderful time and are looking forward to next year already!

We hope you have a restful weekend ready for the final week of Year 1.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 1 Team