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Weekly Review

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a fun and relaxing break. 
The children have come back to school full of enthusiasm and excitement which is lovely to see. 
We introduced our new topic, Africa, by watching The Lion King this week, to help the children imagine what African landscapes look like and the type of animals that live there. Then in our topic lessons we asked the children to discuss and share all that they know about Africa.
In Science, we have been looking at a range of different animals and describing their distinguishing features and how they are similar or different.
In Literacy, we have started our book for this half term, Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway and Jude Daly, and we have focused on describing the different feelings and emotions the main character, Lila, experiences throughout the text. 
We have been busy learning to tell the time to the nearest hour and half hour in Maths, so over the weekend, perhaps, you could practise this using an analogue clock or watch at home.
We are really looking forward to another busy and productive term and thank you in advance for all your support.
Have a restful weekend.
The Year 1 Team

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Weekly Review 14.12.18

Year 1 have had an exciting week counting down to Christmas! The children have been taking part in lots of fun Christmas themed activities and crafts in their classes. We also want to say well done to the choir children for their amazing singing in the Christmas concert this week, they were fantastic!

In Literacy, we have been completing our unit of work on The Jolly Christmas Postman. The children have used the adjectives they previously thought of to write sentences describing Santa’s workshop. They have also helped to share write a letter to the Jolly Postman asking him questions about his job and wishing him a Happy Christmas. We have also had fun writing Christmas cards to our families.

In Maths, we have continued counting in 2s and 5’s and revised our learning on fact families, finding two addition and two subtraction number sentences for a given number. The children have also enjoyed working on their Christmas math’s activity books, which they can complete at home.

In our Topic lessons, we have continued using the iPads to practice our coding skills to make simple algorithms. We have also been testing our logic and reasoning skills by playing the Christmas Tree Light Up game. We had to use trial and error to move the wires and bulbs to light up the whole Christmas tree. No-one has managed to complete it yet…they could continue to try at home!

Year 1 have had such a great term of learning and we are all very proud of how hard they have worked. The have made fantastic progress and should be proud of their achievements.

Thank you for all of your support this term and we wish you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with your families.


Merry Christmas!


The Year 1 Team

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Cooking pizza in 1JS

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Weekly Review 7.12.18

It’s definitely starting to feel like Christmas in Year 1 this week! The children have really enjoyed decorating the classrooms and making it feel Christmassy. We have been taking part in lots of Christmas craft activities such as making and decorating Christmas trees, making snowmen and even making our own Santa’s workshops in our classrooms!

In Literacy, we have continued to read ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’. The children have been so excited to find out where he is going to deliver his next letter! We have nearly finished our story maps for the places he has delivered letters on his adventure. The children thought about Santa’s workshop and we watched some videos, looked at pictures and discussed what it might be like. We used our knowledge of our senses to think of adjectives to describe what it would be like if we were there.

In Maths, we have started learning how to count in 2s and 5’s. Please practise this with us at home, we’re getting quite good!

In our Topic lessons, we have been learning about the work of an artist called Arcimboldo. He paints portraits using fruit as inspiration. We had a go at designing and creating our own pictures. They have turned out beautifully! As part of our computing learning, this week we used the iPads to use code to make simple algorithms. We showed fantastic determination and perseverance.

On Thursday, we were very lucky to watch 1SN’s assembly. It was all about how Christmas is celebrated around the world and it was fantastic! Thank you very much to 1SN!

Next week is the final week of Term 1! We are very proud of how far the children have come in their independence and learning.

We would like to remind you that the children’s Christmas Party is next Thursday, after lunch. Parent reps, please can you bring all the food and decorations in on the morning of the 13th so the teachers can prepare this at lunch time. We look forward to celebrating with you at 1.45 in the classrooms.

As always, thanks for your continued support.

The Year 1 Team

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Cooking in 1NM!

We have been so lucky over the last few weeks to have a number of parents come in and teach us how to cook a variety of food! Here are just a few photos from our delicious workshops…


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Loy Krathong 1JS

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Weekly Review 23/11/18

Dear Parents,
What a busy week it has been! Along with even more cooking with parents, we’ve tried to fit in our usual lessons. So…
In Maths we have been focussing on subtraction. We’ve been using number lines, a variety of manipulatives, and even our fingers, to support our taking away. It’s been tricky but we’re getting there!
In Literacy we begun to look at nursery rhymes, and then read the Jolly Postman (which is jam packed with characters from various nursery rhymes and traditional tales). We made predictions about what the postman had delivered to us and wrote a letter to one of the characters in the story.
In Science we have continued to investigate how well our senses work. We’ve listened, sniffed and searched for a variety of things. We’ve learned our senses can be very useful!
On Thursday we celebrated Loy Krathong by dressing in beautiful, traditional Thai outfits and even made our own krathongs in class. They looked wonderful and we had a lot of fun making them.
Reminder: Year 1 Sports Day is on Friday 30th, starting at 8am.
That’s another week down. Have a fantastic weekend!
The Year 1 Team​

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Making dumplings in 1JS

We had such an amazing time today learning how to make dumplings! Some parents from 1SN came into show us how to make them and we spent time learning how to do it ourselves. We thought they were absolutely delicious!

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Weekly Review 16.11.18

Dear Parents,
Year 1 are continuing to be taken on a culinary journey around the world with our parent cooking sessions. This week we’ve made Thai Laap Gai and English Cheddar cheese and sweetcorn muffins. Thank you so much to all parents who have offered to help. The children are learning so much in such a fun, hands on way!
In Science, we have been using our sense of sight to complete a scavenger hunt, where the children have had to match cryptic photo clues to certain places around our school. 
In Literacy, our imaginations have been running wild as we have been designing a new pie filling for Mrs O’ Brien. We have come up with some delicious and creative ideas such as Sticky strawberry gum pie, Chocolate M and M pie and Blueberry ice cream pie! Our next steps are to write our own instructions for these incredible pies as independently as possible. 
In Maths, we have been learning to add numbers and compare number sentences using the greater than, less than and equals signs. We have also been representing addition number bonds in different ways. 
We all really enjoyed dressing up in our beautiful outfits to celebrate Diwali on Wednesday and look forward to more festivities next Thursday ( 22nd November) when we dress up again for Loy Krathong. 
Thank you for your continued support and have a restful weekend. 
The Year 1 team​

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Cooking in 1LJ

A huge Thank you to Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Harman who came and helped us to make delicious English Cheddar Cheese and Sweetcorn muffins. We used a recipe, read and followed each instruction, then we all had turns at mixing the ingredients and placing the mixture in our muffin cases. We had such fun and the muffins were delicious! Thank you so much Mrs Sullivan for organising such a fantastic cooking workshop!


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