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Weekly Review 12/10/18

Dear Parents,

We have been keeping very busy in Year 1 over the last week. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

In Maths we have been naming and describing 3D shapes. We have been trying to use the correct mathematical language too, like ‘vertices,’ ‘faces’ and ‘edges.’ Can you help us to find and describe 3D shapes around the house?

In Literacy we have been writing our own verses for a poem. We thought of adjectives to describe appearance and feeling, listed verbs and even used a connective to explain our opinion. Very tricky stuff!

We raised money for the Sulawesi Earthquake on Tuesday through an own clothes day where we donated 100 B each.

We would like to take this moment to thank you for attending the parent/teacher consultations this week. Your continued support is always greatly appreciated.

Have a fantastic weekend, and half term break. See you back in school bright and early on Wednesday 24th October.

The Year 1 Team

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Weekly Review 5/10/18

Dear parents,

As we are getting closer to the end of term, we have been thinking about how far the children have come since their first day in Year 1! We are so proud of how settled they are in their new classrooms and how much more familiar they are with the routines of the day. We are especially proud of the children for becoming more independent and it’s great to see so many of them carrying and unpacking their bags in the morning.

In Literacy this week, the children have been poets! They have been working together in groups to help contribute to our very own class poem. The children had lots of fun making up lines for the poem and trying hard to make them rhyme. They especially enjoyed making up actions and performing them.

In Maths, we have been learning about subtraction. We have been using stories to help us to write number sentences and the children are getting much more confident with the subtraction symbol. They have been solving subtraction problems to help them understand their learning, too.

In computing this week, the children have been learning how to log in to Purple Mash. They completed some typing activities ready for lots of computing learning which is planned for next half term!

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our assembly in 1JS due to illness. The children worked very hard to learn the songs and poems by heart. Please ask them to perform these for you at home! The assembly will be rearranged for term 2.

Just a reminder that next week we have parent consultations on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th. If these dates are unsuitable for you, please speak to your class teacher who will happily arrange a different date for you.

We also have come and learn next Thursday with a Maths focus so we look forward to seeing you then!

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 1 team

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Weekly Review

Dear Parents,
It has been another exciting week in Year 1.
In Literacy, we have been continuing to learn about poetry and in particular focusing on the poet Michael Rosen. We read his poem “I’m Angry” this week and identified rhyming words, as well as performing parts of the poem in groups.
In Maths, we have been looking at addition and investigating how many addition number sentences we can find for one number. We have also been learning how to work in a systematic way. The children really enjoyed exploring fun ways to practise forming their numbers, such as writing them in “messy mixtures”, using finger paints and making numbers with buttons and play dough. Maybe you could try some of these ideas at home?
In Computing, the children have been using the laptops, focusing on logging in using their username and password. They have really enjoyed this and are trying very hard to find their way around the keyboard.
Year 1 has also been taking part in a fun, themed cross country run in P.E this week, linked to the speedy characters in the story The Gingerbread Man!
Have a restful, relaxing weekend and thank you for your continued support.
The Year 1 Team

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Weekly Review 21.9.18

Dear Parents,

We have had another fantastic and busy week in Year 1.

In Literacy, we are learning about Poetry. We had an amazing start to the week where teachers, students and even whole classes from both the Junior and Senior school came to Year 1 in the morning to read and perform poems for us. The children loved having exciting guests visiting them and they have thoroughly enjoyed listening to and joining in with a wide range of poems. They have particularly enjoyed learning about Michael Rosen’s poems this week.

In Maths, we have started learning about addition using the part, part, whole method. The children have been learning to use the correct vocabulary when describing a number sentence, to recognise the addition and equals signs and use them correctly to write a number sentence.

As part of our poetry focus this week, the children have enjoyed a range of activities in each class such as making rhyming word paper chains, writing their own poems and writing letters to characters from poems they have read.

On Friday, the whole school gathered to think about World Peace Day. Year 1 listened to Mr Seal’s speech and some lovely singing from the school choir. Thank you for your one hundred baht donation for charity and for sending your child to school wearing blue and white.

Thank you again for all of your continued support and have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 team.

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Weekly Review

Dear Parents,
It has been both a busy and fun week here in Year 1, this week.
In Maths, we have been continuing our work on place value and specifically focusing on ordinal numbers and comparing two amounts. We used greater than and less than symbols to help our understanding and explanations.
In Literacy, we have read some great books linked to many interests such as, The Pirates Next Door,  Snap and Sharing a Shell. We discussed the authors’ vocabulary choices, we acted out parts of the stories and we shared our opinions about them too!
On Thursday, we had lots going on. ​
We kicked off the day with our second Come and Learn session and showed you what we have been doing in Maths. It was so great to see so many of you.
Then, we participated in the Wai Kru assembly where all of the teachers and teaching assistants received flowers from the students to say thank you for all of their support.
Later in the day, we celebrated Roald Dahl day. Year 6 students came and shared poems written by Roald Dahl and we helped them out with the actions. We had such a fun afternoon!
Thank you again for all of your continued support at this very busy time of year.
The Year 1 team.

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Weekly Review 07/09/18

Dear Parents,
That’s another action packed week down in Year 1. Here’s how it went…
In Phonics we’ve been sounding out words, thinking of our own words that feature particular sounds, and even coming up with our own sentences that we’ve shared with our friends. We’re working hard in class, but it would be a great help if you practised with us at home too. The words that feature on our spellings list will give you an idea of the sounds we have been covering.
In Maths we have been trying to find the ‘greater’ number and have even begun using the ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’ symbols when displaying amounts.  Ask us to ‘wow’ you with our excellent Mathematical language at home!
We have been looking at our baby photos and thinking about how we have changed. We’ve also listened to the story Once There were Giants to help us think about the changes that we’ve gone through since being a baby!
Well, that’s all for now – have a fantastic weekend,
The Year 1 Team

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Year 1 Weekly Review

Dear Parents,
We have had an action packed week in Year 1 and it has been lovely getting to know the children better and discovering what they enjoy learning about. The year group really does have such varied interests including insects, monkeys, castles, aeroplanes, princesses and the Three Little Pigs!
In Maths, we have been securing our recognition of numbers to 10 and finding 1 more and 1 less than amounts to 10.
In Phonics, we have been practising how to blend sounds for reading and learning to recognise some of our high frequency words.
We have also been keeping an eye on the weather and recording our findings on a weather chart and by using rain gauges.
The children have really enjoyed using Seesaw on the Ipads this week, an interactive learning journal where the children can keep a record of their learning through pictures, photos, text and videos.
We hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend.
Kind regards,
The Year 1 Team

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1JS First Come and Learn!

Thank you all so much for coming to our very first ‘Come and Learn’ session of Year 1! It was great to see so many parents! The children loved having you in the classroom and have been talking about it all morning. Here are a few photos. I look forward to the next session, with a Maths focus, on Thursday 13th September.



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Parent Overview 1a

Welcome to Year 1!

Every half term you will find an overview here on the blog. In this overview, we will keep you up to date with what your children will be learning throughout the half term, as well as reminding you of important dates for your diary. If you have any questions, please talk to your class teacher.

Key Dates

Wednesday 22nd August – First day of term

Thursday 23rd August – Meet the Teacher – 1.45 in the Memorial Hall and then back to classrooms.

Monday 27th August – YouTime begins

Thursday 30th August – 7.30 Come and learn (reading)

Thursday 13th September – 7.30 Come and learn (maths)

Thursday 13th September – Wai Kru

Thursday 27th September – Come and learn (reading)

Tuesday 9th October – Parents Consultations

Wednesday 10th October – Parent Consultations

Thursday 11th October – Come and learn (maths)

Friday 12th October – Break up for half term at 2.20pm


Wednesday 24th October – Term 1b begins


Our Learning

We are going to spend this half term getting to know the children really well. We will be following the interests of the children, as they are used to from EY2.

The children will have a Phonics and Guided Reading lesson every morning. We will be recapping the sounds they have already learned in EY2 and learning new sounds every week. We will send home spellings each week so you know which sounds and words we are covering with your children. The first set of spellings will be sent home on week 3.

In Maths this half term, we will be working on our understanding of numbers to 10. We will be counting forwards and backwards within 10 from any number. We will practising counting, reading and writing numbers to 10 in numerals and words. We will be finding one more and one less and we will also be representing numbers using objects and pictures.

In Literacy, our learning will be focused around talking about a range of stories. We will be encouraging the children to join in with the key phrases in stories, retell stories they know well and compare the books we are reading. We will be talking about the front cover and title of books and asking the children to make predictions about the stories. We will be connecting what happens in stories to their lives and encouraging the children to discuss this with their talk partners.

As part of our Science learning, we will be making rain gauges and weather charts so we can record the changes in weather throughout the year.

We are really looking forward to this year and can’t wait for all the exciting learning opportunities and activities we have planned!

Many thanks,

The Year 1 Team


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