Year 2

2FR – maths in real life contexts (money)

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2KP celebrate Fully Booked Week!

2KP loved reading Iggy Peck this week and spent the week being architects! They built newspaper sculptures, bridges and towers made from food.

They finished the week looking fabulous in their wonderful book character costumes!

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2JC are Architects

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Building bridges in Y2JG

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Weekly Review 1.3.19

Welcome back to a new half term!

In Literacy, we have continued our work on non-chronological reports. We have looked at the features of non-fiction texts and wrote our own report on Shrewsbury school. The children tried hard to include generalisers and conjunctions.

In Numeracy, we have moved on to money. We have visited the school shop and looked at what was for the sale. We calculated totals, found the most and least expensive items and though about what coins we could use to buy those things.

In Topic lessons, we have continued a little longer with our time travel theme. We have excavated cookies, made clay time capsules and learned all about Howard Carter.

A big thank you to all the Year 2s who took part in the Global Goal Fair on Wednesday and talked with such confidence about issues facing our world.

You may have noticed our doors have all been decorated with a book theme ready for Fully Booked week, next week. The children are all excited to dress up next Friday and to take part in lots of lovely activities throughout the week.


Thank you for your continued support.


Upcoming dates:

5th and 6th March-Parent-Teacher Conferences

8th March- Dress up day with parade at 7:50 am on the Long Court

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2AM excavating cookies!

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Year 2 Weekly Review

Year 2 have been very busy this week continuing their learning about Time Travel. They have loved excavating cookies for chocolate chips, like real archaeologists and enjoyed learning about Howard Carter, a real life archaeologist. 

In Literacy Year 2 have worked hard to innovate a text map about Rosa Parks and create their own exciting recounts about a day in the life of a Caveman. The recounts include lots of hunting, cave building and eating! The children then used Laptops to present their work, they have amazed us with their ICT abilities.

In Maths they have continued learning about multiplication; using resources and drawings to help them solve problems. They confidently learnt their 2,5 and 10 x tables and any further learning of these at home would be brilliant to consolidate and be able to instantly recall facts . They especially loved learning the 3 x table to the song Uptown Funk, ask them to sing it to you at home! They carefully considered the bigger picture and when they will use multiplication in their every day lives. 

The children had a surprise visit from the Chinese Lions and loved listening to the drums and watching them dance. They all looked fabulous in their costumes and loved eating the Chinese snacks!

Next week there is a non uniform day on Tuesday 12th February, please bring in 100 THB for charity. We are also looking forward to hearing how helpful Year 2 have been at home to raise money for charity too. 

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Year 2 Team


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2KP celebrate Chinese New Year

They loved the dancing Lions and eating the delicious Chinese food! 

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2AM Chinese New Year celebrations

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Chocolate chip excavation

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