Year 2

Weekly Review 17/02/17

It has come to our final week as time travellers this week, and what an interesting half term it has been!

In Literacy, the children have worked up to writing their non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt. They included all the features they have learnt about and organised them in the correct way. Their writing really has been fantastic!

In Mathematics, we have completed our unit on fractions. The children have worked extremely hard to understand this tricky area of Mathematics where they have been finding fractions of shapes and fractions of amounts.

In our Topic lessons, the children have been experiencing clay, making clay pots and adding lines and shapes. They have also been thinking about time travel into the future and have been thinking of their own inventions that would make their lives easier.

It has been a wonderful half term in Year 2 – more of the same in Term 2B! Have a wonderful holiday!

Thank you for all your support.


Key Dates:

Week beginning 27th February  – Visit to the Robotics Learning Centre

28th February/1st March- Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday 3rd March – celebration assembly

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2KH Fun Run!

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Year 2JG present home learning projects


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2FR – Class Fun Run

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2LG Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Year 2 Celebration Assembly

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Weekly Review w/e 10th February 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,


Year 2 have had a very hands-on week filled with many fun and interactive learning experiences.


The children started a new Literacy unit learning about non-chronological reports this week. They will be building on their knowledge and skills over the next fortnight to eventually write their own report on Ancient Egyptians, which they will use to create a documentary style video. They put their speaking skills to the test as they learnt how to talk the text using actions, and experimented with different styles of presenting to see which is the most effective. The children have also been exploring features of non-chronological reports and identifying them in texts about the Stone Age, which they will use to create their reports next week.


In Maths, the children had a yummy lesson with M&Ms where they were required to find fractions of numbers by sorting them into equal groups. They have also had the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge by using counters to explore fractions of numbers and put their skills to the test by solving fraction word problems. As a final challenge and test of their understanding, the children had a very active and enjoyable lesson putting fraction pizza slices together for Mario’s Pizza Parlour.


Topic this week was a messy affair! The children thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty when they created their Stone Age clay pots, which they designed and decorated themselves. A “Mistry” guest has been appearing in our Topic lessons…Mr Hiten Mistry, Digital Literacy Coordinator, has been visiting the Year 2 classes to introduce the children to the digital world of coding. Coding is a fundamental skill in today’s digital world that children need to learn so that they can create projects that do amazing things such as creating their own computer game or building a moving robot.


Please take note of some important upcoming dates:

  • Thursday 16th February – Fun Run
  • Friday 17th February – end of Term 2b
  • Week beginning 27th February – Year 2 trip to the Robotic Centre
  • Tuesday 28th February and Wednesday 1st March – parent teacher consultations


Have a fantastic weekend!


The Year 2 Team

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2JG make clay pots

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Testing the powers of tsunamis!

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2KH Assembly

CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic assembly 2KH.

Your very proud class teacher,

Miss Hayman 🙂

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