Year 2

Weekly Review

Weekly Review Friday 14th June 2019

Dear Parents

What a busy week we have had in Year 2. The children have been enjoying learning about Robots. We have done some research, using the internet, and made presentations using Google slides.

In Literacy we have looked at a story that is all about a robot. We have looked at how to describe using the power of three adjectives and three nouns in a sentence. We have also looked at how to add extra details to a sentence, without changing the meaning, by adding embedded clauses.

In Maths the children have been learning about time and have now moved on to data handling. We looked at how to create a tally and then use this to inform a pictograph.

We were very lucky as we also had a demonstration when a company came into our school called Precious Plastics. We watched how to transform old bottle tops into useable items. We made a large bowl for our class using 150 bottle tops.


The Year 2 Team.

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2FR Precious Plastics Amazement!

2FR had a visit from Doy of Precious Plastics showing us what can be made from recycled plastic. It was amazing!

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2AM- Precious Plastics visit

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Weekly Review- 7.6.19

It’s been a busy week with the launch of our new topic: Robots.

The children loved visiting the Kids Robotic centre last week, they had great fun making robots out of Lego and learning how to make them move! I’m sure 2KP will enjoy their trip next week.

In Maths we have been learning how to tell the time to the nearest 5 mins and are moving on to statistics in the coming weeks.

In Literacy, we have started to learn our new story, Wendell and have had lots of fun drawing text maps and hot seating Wendell.

Thank you all for the recycling you have brought in as we have started to design our robots and will begin to make them this week.

Thank You for your continued support.


Upcoming dates:

10.6.19- 2KP Field Trip-Robotics Centre

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2AM at the Robotics Centre

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2FR at The Kids Robotics Centre


Year 2 Out and About

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Weekly Review WB 20.05.19

We have had another amazing week in Year 2 this week. We continued to take care of our caterpillars and have watched on eagerly as they spun their cocoons. We have been waiting patiently for them to emerge as butterflies. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to take some caterpillars home to look after.

In Literacy, we have been writing interesting poems about different occupations. We have carefully included expanded noun phrases, similes and even alliteration. Ask us to tell you about our poems.

In Maths we have been finishing our work on fractions, deepening our understanding of equal parts, numerators and denominators. 

We were also lucky to have a visit from Shrewsbury’s resident artist Khun Prang Vejjajiva! She taught us about different techniques for shading pictures. We have all enjoyed creating artworks in the style of Gustav Klimt and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Thank you to everyone who work hard on their long term ‘Flower Power’ projects. We loved seeing all the activities students completed throughout this half term.

Have a happy and safe break!

Year 2 Team

Date to remember:

Mon 27th May – Half Term

Tues 28th May – Half Term

Wed 29th May – Half Term

Thurs 30th May – School open 7am

Fri 31st May  – School open

Mon 3rd June – School Closed 

Tues 4th June – School open 7am

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2AM-Our first butterfly!

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Year 2JG Raising Butterflies

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