We’ve had a great week in Year 2 this week with Robot Day, the Fun Run, graduation pictures, end of unit movies and much much more!

In Literacy, the children have amazed us with their writing skills by producing an excellent piece of narrative about their own character who comes into a spot of bother! They worked incredibly hard to remember everything they have been taught over the year so far, such as speech marks, exclamation marks, sentence of 3, similes, drop-in clauses and onomatopoeia. We have also seen their reading skills develop, especially the children who practise their reading regularly and engage in discussions about what they are reading.

In Maths, through our unit on position and direction, we have had some fun programming Beebots and even pretending to be robots and controllers ourselves! We have looked at coordinates and moved and rotated objects using precise positional and directional langauge.

The children have now completed the building of their robots with a purpose, which were extremely effective. They have also been learning about E-safety, where they have heard some important messages.

We are very much looking forward to more creative learning in Term 3. Have a wonderful Songkran break!