Weekly Review Friday 11th May 2018

Dear Parents

What a busy and exciting week we have had in Year 2.

This week in Literacy the children started off the week by listening to a selection of poems read by the teachers. The teacher demonstrated how a poem is brought to life by using exciting voices, actions and expression. The children learnt about poems and the different features that they have. They then went on to learn a poem about a gardener and created a text map to support their retelling.

During Numeracy the children have been looking at how to find a missing number in an addition number sentence. We spent the week learning using problems with low numbers. The focus has been to deepen the children’s understanding about inverse operations and looking at how to solve a problem rather than focusing on getting the answer.

In Topic we have continued to focus on the theme of flowers. We have looked at the works of two different artists and replicated the style of their paintings. The children learnt to stipple and to shade.

The children also monitored their science experiments and wrote conclusions of which of their plants grew successfully and which didn’t.


The Year 2 Team