Friday 8th June 2018

Dear Parents

What a wonderful week we have had in Year 2. This week in Literacy, the children have been busy developing ideas from last week and writing a story. The children have described characters and settings and created exciting fairy tale style stories. There has been a focus on using good descriptions and also adding direct speech and the relevant punctuation.

During Phonics, we have been looking at the prefixes un, dis, and re and how they change the root words.

In Maths we have started to learn about 3D shape. We have identified the features of the shapes such as edges, faces and vertices. The children selected and sorted shapes according to their features and sorted them into a table.

During Topic we have continued to learn about kings and queens and their roles as a monarch. We also learned how to sew using a running stitch.

Have a great weekend!

The Year 2 Team