Welcome back to a new term, we hope you had a wonderful holiday!

It’s been a busy week with the launch of our new topic: Terrific Time Travellers.

A huge thank you to Bluebell and Casper’s Grandfather who visited us on Wednesday to tell us all about his life as a young boy and how it was very different to today. A huge thank you also to everyone who sent a video in, the children were engrossed and fascinated by life I the past; how shocked they were to find out there was once no Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have started the New Year with Measurement in Maths; measuring in both CM and M accurately. The children has great fun using the metre sticks to measure the classroom.

In Literacy, we have started to learn all about recounts and their features. We have read a lot of texts and immersed ourselves in this text type.

In Topic we have been ordering chronologically dates from the past, starting with the years the teachers were born which made for quite a fun start as the children guessed who was the oldest and youngest.

Thank You for your continued support.


Upcoming dates:

24.1.19- 2KP Class Assembly