It has been another busy week in Year 2 this week. Each class has visited the ‘Big Canteen’ for the first time, as part of our transition to Year 3. We were all very excited!

On Monday and Tuesday we had a workshop from the ‘Tiny Tree’ group. We learnt about eco-systems and the water cycle, and made our very own terrariums. (Make sure you keep your terrarium out of direct sunlight).

Later in the week we wrote our own instructions for ‘How to make a Terrarium!’ and published them using the our favourite presentation Apps on the i-Pads. 

In Maths, we have been learning to recognise and find fractions of amounts. We found fractions of amounts using M&Ms. Yum!

On Thursday we were treated to some spectacular musical performances in our Music Assembly. Many thanks to Mrs Tulloch, Mr Saw and all of the children who performed on the day.

Dates to remember:

Mon 6th May (School Closed)
Tues 7th May (School opens at 7am)
Fri 10th May (Non-Uniform day)
Please remember 100 Baht for our charity partners.